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Become an author in 180 days, make hundreds of thousands of dollars, even if you don’t sell one book & Create a LEGACY that outlives you!

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You’ll learn:

  • HOW YOU CAN BECOME AN AUTHOR IN 180 DAYS –The simplest way to come up with original content that’s marketable.
  • HOW YOU CAN TURN YOUR PASSION/PAIN INTO A PAYCHECK – The easiest way to start where you are, using what you ALREADY have. No other resources or tech needed. You have everything you need to be successful.
  • HOW TO CREATE MULTIPLE STREAMS OF INCOME FROM ONE BOOK – The Crystal-Clear way to avoid being a starving artist and create multiple business.
  • HOW TO BUILD AN EMPIRE FROM ONE BOOK – The clear, concise way to build businesses by positioning yourself as an authority based on your author brand.
  • HOW TO STOP PROCRASTINATING – Ways to overcome fears and debunk misconceptions.

           And MUCH more!

You’ll hear stories of real people like you who have written books and found success. You do not have to be a celebrity or reality TV star to write a book and create multiple streams of income.

Crystal L. Bass, Creative Writer’s University

Crystal is a PRO at turning pain or passion into profit!

  • Founder of Creative Writer’s University
  • Founded Crystal Clear Publications in 2010
  • National Branding Guru of Literary, Stage, TV & Film Industries
  • Georgetown University Certified Social Media Marketing Strategist
  • Self-Published two critically acclaimed novels
  • Playwright—Wrote, Produced, Directed and toured National Stage Play
  • SAG (Screen Actors Guild) member since 1998
  • Worked as a stunt double and body double in Hollywood
  • Media Personality having appeared on BET, TV One, Reelz TV, TLC, ID Channel and The Cooking Channel.
  • Honored and recognized by the Rev. Jesse L. Jackson, Sr., and the Rainbow Push Coalition as one of the Top Inspirational and Engaged Leaders
  • Motivational Speaker on Women’s Issues, Youth Development & Reinventing Yourself
  • Lifestyle and Trendsetting Coach
  • Launched the first Crystal Clear Celebrity Camp for Youth
  • Created Creative Writer’s University to help writers and aspiring writers turn their pain or passion into paychecks.
  • Helped clients get PAID by getting their unique stories out of their heads, off their hearts, on paper and into the hands of readers!


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