When a mother of three has two fully grown children and the youngest one is aching to become a woman, is it time to stop mothering? And what about the man in her life? Should she put his needs before theirs?

​In Ain’t No Love Like A Mother’s Love”, like Stella, mom feels it’s time to get her groove back. She later finds that worshiping a man with a dark side is a recipe for disaster. In this emotional roller coaster ride through the turmoil of a Baltimore family, we watch as they all pull through life’s hardest truths. Family secrets are revealed and one rescue attempt after another proves a failure. But all hope is not lost-not at all.

​You won’t leave the theater thinking the same way about the meaning of family or what a mother’s love is all about. Based on the original novel by Crystal L. Bass, “Dark Clouds: A Charm City Family’s Struggle”.