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Overwhelmed by depression and fear, Ruby seems ready for a breakdown. It’s that secret, which if it comes to light could destroy her family. But if she doesn’t speak out, she may be in danger. What is Ruby to do? Writer Crystal L. Bass keeps the reader guessing as she uses side-splitting humor, ear for dialogue, love for working-class characters and heart-felt pathos to deftly move us through the story of the teenager who is caught in a quagmire. Set in late-1980s Baltimore, Maryland, Bass skillfully pulls us into the story of Ruby Bowers, who is one of what her mother, Diane, calls her four precious gems. But Diane has never truly shown how precious they are, so it is no wonder that each is battling their own inner demons. Dark clouds seem to permanently hover over the dysfunctional family, as they crazily yet lovingly struggle through enough family drama to last two lifetimes.

Dark Clouds: A Charm City Family’s Struggle

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