I’m a serial entrepreneur, author, producer, playwright, actress, director, ​book coach, motivational speaker and a cool camp mom with a track record of success!

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In 2010, I founded Crystal Clear Publications and published my first critically acclaimed novel, “Dark Clouds: A Charm City Family’s Struggle". A few short years, after the release of my first book, I fulfilled my dream of turning my novel into a stage play. 


The success led to Creative Writer’s University where I share years of skill and experience with writers, aspiring writers, experienced authors, and emerging playwrights. I was honored and recognized by the Rev. Jesse L. Jackson, Sr., and the Rainbow Push Coalition as one of the Top Inspirational and Engaged Leaders


To date, I’ve helped dozens of writers and aspiring writers collectively make hundreds of thousands of dollars by using their own personal stories and unique life experiences to build an empire. I am an expert in converting your writing side hustle into checks!

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How To Turn Your Story Into Cash

You've heard the term "Based On A True Story," right? Using your own unique life experiences is a clear, concise way to build your business and your bank account.

Page to Stage: Make $100,000 In 1 Night

90% of Playwrights leave the theater in THE RED ZONE when first starting out. Our proven method has turned a profit time and time again and now you can have it!

Write A Book,

Build Your Bank

Did you know that you can write a book and build your bank account using the life you already live -chronicling your own unique experiences?

Creative Writer's University will help you tell your story, impact the world and convert your writing side hustle into checks.


If you're ready to take your skills to the next level and make your dreams come true, it's time for some 1 on 1 coaching with Crystal L. Bass. Your first call is FREE!

My goal is to encourage and equip others with the necessary knowledge and tools to reach their dreams.