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Honored by Rev. Jesse L. Jackson, for her contributions to writing and creativity....Crystal L. Bass is a serial entrepreneur, international traveler, and true definition of GOAL DIGGER.

In 2013, The Rainbow Push Coalition recognized Bass as one of the Top Inspirational Coaches in Engagement and Leadership.  Crystal's heart beats to the drum of entrepreneurship establishing herself not only as a producer, director and playwright but as a noted  actress, author, coach, and motivational speaker.

In 2010, Bass founded Crystal Clear Publications and published her first critically acclaimed novel. “Dark Clouds: A Charm City Family’s Struggle,” is a fiction book dressed in the essence of Bass’ childhood. The novel follows the storyline of four siblings, and the relationships they have with their mother.

Shortly after the release of her first book, Crystal fulfilled her  dreams  of being playwright and director by turning her novel into the stage play “Ain't No Love, Like A Mother’s Love”. Alchemy in its truest form, Bass turned her pain into gain by making her life's experiences a full production. However, she didn't stop there;  not only did she produce &  direct  the tour but she transformed it into a national tour.

Ain't No Love, Like A Mother’s Love  is a theatrical stage production of a bible-toting, gun wielding mother of four who feels that, like Stella, it’s time to get her groove back! She later finds that worshiping a man with a dark side is a recipe for disaster. In this emotional roller coaster, the audience watches this family as they all pull through life's hardest truths. Family secrets, drama and heartache are revealed time and time again. But all hope is not lost. No one will leave the theater thinking the same way about the meaning of family or what a mother’s love is really all about. This star-studded, hilarious and inspirational stage production is life changing.

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