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10 Ways To Use Your Book To Leverage More Income

You’ve written your book. You’ve poured your heart and soul into producing the best, most marketable book possible. Your target market loves it. Now what? Keep reading for ten more ways to use the book you’ve written to create more income streams for your author brand.

Turn one book into a series. Say you’ve written a children’s book, young adult novel, or other fiction book. Use events or characters in the original book to create spinoffs or keep the story going in a series.

2. Nonfiction authors can create similar series. This is especially true of small business owners who naturally have two books to write. One for their target market and one for other professionals in their industry who want to learn to do what they do successfully.

3) Create a free webinar that leads to a paid webinar. People love the convenience of a webinar for learning needed information without the travel and expense of attending a live event.

4) Build an entire event, workshop, or seminar around your book. If you’ve written a cookbook, host a cooking class. If you’ve written a fitness book, host a group personal training series.

5) Create a podcast series or Internet radio show that shares your musings on a regular basis. You can then interview industry influencers, and host call-in question and answer sessions for your readers.

6) Give your book away. Yep. Give it away. Just give it away to the right people. Give it to large conference hosts as swag bag items. Give it to reporters who might interview you in writing and on televised programs. Give it to strategic partners who might display and sell it to your shared target market.

7) Grow your email list and sell more books by offering an online email course. Readers register for the course, pay an enrollment fee, and get pre-written, automated email lessons on the topic of your choice. Offer a certificate of completion at the end of the course and a referral bonus for encouraging others to sign up.

8) Consider teaching a course at a local community college. Your book can be the textbook, which guarantees sales, plus, you’ll get paid for teaching the course. That’s a win-win.

9) Start a subscription box service based on your book. Cookbook authors can sell a monthly subscription box featuring specialty spices and herbs. A children’s book author can sell a subscription box featuring crafts and projects related to the story their book tells.

10 ) Turn your existing print or e-book into an audio book. It reaches a different target market while at the same time letting your existing target market take your book with them on the go.

As you can see, there are lots of ways to leverage one book into lots of selling points. Create a book club, host a focus group, or create an online survey to ask your ideal readers what other products and services they want from you. You can do that for free using Survey Monkey and it’s a super smart way to get your readers to tell you what to sell them.

If you need my help in reaching your writing goals, email me at Or, you can text, I'M READY to (443) 826-9646. Also, check out the PREMIUM course at Creative Writer's University. Cheering for your writing success always!


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