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Updated: Sep 20, 2022

When you focus, you can make magic in a day! I’ve written some really useful eBooks!

Yassssssssssssssssssssss, it is possible to write your book in one day.

All you need is the decision to start and the willpower to continue until the end. What takes up the most time in writing an eBook is the research process. It is necessary to spend time researching the right topic. Find out what you are passionate about or a problem you want to solve. This is where applying your niche becomes relevant. Take your time to make all the necessary preparations. Once you start writing, stay on it until you are finished. Do not combine research and writing.

Let me show you quick ways to make your eBook a reality.

1. Decide what you want to write about. “Is there a problem my book will solve?” “What will my readers gain from investing in my book?” Ensure there’s a market for your book.

2. Research your competition. What similar content have people written in your niche? How can you do something unique and different from your competition? Use a unique writer’s voice.

3. Create your outline. Section out the different areas you would be paying attention to as you write. Be strict in following your outline. If you get new ideas while writing, put it down somewhere else and do not make any changes until you are done writing.

4. Start writing. As I said, this can take as little as a day to accomplish. However, it depends on the volume of what you are writing.

5. Edit and publish.

Write as fast as possible to avoid overthinking. This way, you will focus less on making it perfect and simply just get the work done. Put it on sale and get to the bag!!!!

I know what you’re gonna ask:

“Crystal, how long does my eBook need to be?”

Whether it’s 4 pages or 40 pages, when you finish a thought, it is DONE.

Need help with your eBook? Email me at Or, book a quick chat at Cheering for your writing success always!

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