I’m thinking about bringing my writer community to one place so that we can encourage and inspire one another. Writer’s retreat anyone? I’m thinking an international location.

There are different reasons why we write: to entertain our audience, to make money, to inform, and so much more. Whatever your motivation is for writing, it is necessary for you to connect with a writing community; a group of people who share the same values as you.

It does not matter whether it is an online community or a writers’ club. As we get to explore the benefits in being a part of one of such groups, you are sure to reconsider your stand. Activities in a writing community may include meeting regularly to discuss, learn and exchange ideas about writing.

The first reason why you must join yourself with a group of writers is that you earn support. You need to be in a place where you can sort out your troubles as a writer without being ridiculed for it. More so, you are recognized for your hard work in putting together pieces of writing.

You get help to grow in community of writers. There, you meet different people with different writing experience that are willing to share. They can contribute to your writing skills by offering constructive criticism. If you maximize a writers’ community, you may get a mentor like me to walk you through your next writing project!

You also stand the chance to gain updates on new writing techniques, trainings, workshops or opportunities. In a community as such, no one keeps anything to themselves.

When joining a writers’ group, you must do so with a clear mind. Avoid feeling intimated by the progress of others and put to work whatever you learn. Should I start a group?

Would you be interested in a group? Email me at Or, book a quick chat at Cheering for your writing success always!

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