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Checklist For A Successful Book Launch

Your book launch is one of the most exciting times in your life as an author. It’s the day you let the world in on your thoughts and ideas and invite them to critique your brainchild. You want your book launch to be as successful as possible, so we’re sharing the following checklist to help ensure you get your book off on the right foot.

Choose the right venue. Ideally, choose a venue that is a draw in and of itself. Be sure to choose a venue that is easy to find and has ample parking.

  • Choose a date and plan your book launch marketing activities backward from that target date.

  • Cover all your bases by sending out written, printed, spoken, and online invitations.

  • Create an Eventbrite event in addition to a written mailing list in order to reach as many potential readers and buyers as possible.

  • Invite your strategic partners and invite them to invite theirs. Don’t skip this step! If you’ve written a cook book and your strategic partner is a butcher who invites her strategic partner, a foodie, who invites his strategic partner, a caterer…see how that adds up and puts more butts in the seats? Do the same with fiction, be creative.

  • Create a Facebook event and invite everyone on your list who lives in the area where the book launch will be held. Then ask those folks to share the event on their pages and other social media channels. Offer a free pen or personal selfie or some other low or no-cost freebie at the book launch and turn all those people into your brand ambassadors.

  • Prepare a few table games and prizes ahead of time to keep people laughing and having fun throughout the book launch.

  • Plan to read a few excerpts from your book. Make them short and meaningful and leave teasers at the end that compel readers to buy the book and see how each excerpt ends. Cliffhangers!

  • Ask your strategic partners and other business owners to help you fill small swag bags for your guests. Here’s a tip: It’s better to have a small swag bag that looks overstuffed than to have a large one that looks nearly empty.

  • Create a unique hashtag to use before, during, and after the event. It’s a great way to draw reader attention and to keep the buzz going on all social media channels.

  • Have a fine point sharpie pen to sign books and a few designated times to sign them. Be friendly and engaging with each purchaser and encourage them to share their new purchase online with a selfie you take right on the spot.

  • Follow up! Follow up! Follow up! The money is in the follow up. Plan to follow up with the people who attend your book launch AND the people who signed up to attend and didn’t. Send them post-launch discounts and special offers. Get them to post REVIEWS!

Take a deep breath and get ready for the most amazing day of your life. Your book launch can be incredible with a little forethought and a lot of hard work. This checklist will help you create a smart plan and draw in needed sales and profit.

If you need my help in reaching your writing goals, email me at Or, you can text, I'M READY to (443) 826-9646. Also, check out the PREMIUM course at Creative Writer's University. Cheering for your writing success always!


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