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Choosing The Best Venue For Your Play

In addition to all the other demands on you as the playwright, when it’s time to host auditions, rehearsals, and opening night, the theater you choose matters as much as the actors you select. The theatre, after all, is one of the stars of your production. Ask fellow playwrights for suggestions and recommendations, them ask yourself the following questions before making a final theater selection.

  1. How large does your stage need to be for each scene to play out fully?

  2. Is there a staffed refreshment area for intermission?

  3. Is there a possibility of inclement weather impacting your opening night? That might not be an issue in sunny California, but it is in wintry Chicago.

  4. Are the dressing rooms adequate for your cast?

  5. Is there sufficient onsite parking? Is valet parking a viable option?

  6. Does the cost of the theater include liability insurance or will you need to provide your own?

  7. What are the acoustics like? Will they allow your actors to be heard clearly by the entire audience from the front row to the furthest balcony seats?

  8. Does the theater have the right lighting for your particular production?

  9. Do they have a sound board that gives you the sound effects you need?

  10. Does the theater have high-quality video recording capabilities so you can capture your play for posterity?

Finally, be sure you take seating capacity and audience comfort into consideration. Estimate ticket sales and attendance to decide how many people you can realistically expect to attend your play. Based on those numbers, choose a theater with the right number of seats for your production. A theater that’s too small will make attendees uncomfortable, while one that’s too large can make your play look under attended. Those are my best tips for selecting a theater. If you found these tips helpful and want more, feel free to hit me up!

Email me at Or, you can text, I'M READY to (443) 826-9646. Cheering for your writing success always!


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