Man oh man! Things I wish I knew before I got started.


Ok listen up…you've done it. You've decided to write a book! First of all, congratulations!

Second of all, don't panic. While the journey ahead of you may seem daunting, there are plenty of ways to successfully write, self-publish, market, and sell your book. The best part about the place you are in now is that you can see this through from start to finish in a very calculating, organized kind of way.


When you first sit down and begin creating the guideline to writing your book, your first opportunity begins. This is when you can truly begin to consider who your target audience will be. If you plan to write a book geared towards a specific audience, begin creating a social media presence now. Developing a social media presence now will allow you to begin creating hype around your book (before it has even been written)!

This is a MUST!


People are nosy. Get them ready!

Your social media presence will also help you with your next strategy of starting to get to know your fans, and letting them get to know you as well! If they feel a connection to you, they are more likely to become recurring fans. Another strategy is along the similar lines - using social media to your advantage. This can help boost your internet presence and introduce you as a household name.


Creating a niche with bookmarks, posters, and other merchandise will allow you to become more widespread. Finally, start a blog! This is a great way to remain connected with your fans through your writing. It is a way for them to have more frequent updates about you and your work so they keep coming back for more.


Wanna talk strategy? Email me at Or, book a quick chat at Cheering for your writing success always!

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