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Updated: Sep 21, 2022


Listen, I’ve made enough mistakes to go around for us both! Trust and believe I have learned my lesson. Some of my lessons were very costly!

As the old saying goes, "Everyone must start somewhere," I think about myself as a novice writer. All first-time writers are bound to make mistakes and face learning curves. Learning from your blunders can help you grow as a writer and develop your skill.

Here is a list of the five most common mistakes made by aspiring writers:

Editing As You Write

Keep in mind that writing is not like cooking a meal. It may make sense to clean as you go while you're cooking to avoid a major mess at the end. However, editing as you write can throw a serious wrench in your creativity and the constant stop-start-stop-start can impact your artistic flow!

Straying from your Point of View

It's very easy to switch up your point of view as you are writing. This may mean describing your main character as going to the store: "She is going to the store," versus "Once I arrived at the store". Don't fall for this easy trap!

Run-on Sentences

Remember to keep your sentences clear and concise. If you feel your sentences are becoming too "wordy", don't be afraid to add punctuation; Even a semi-colon can break a thought nicely!

Failing to Outline

Establishing an outline for your writing can be a helpful tool. Not only will it provide a built-in guide for your piece, but it will keep you organized along the way. A writer with organized thoughts is a successful one!

Waiting for Inspiration to Quell Your Writer's Block

Instead of waiting for inspiration to strike you and set the perfect situation to begin writing, go out and seek inspiration yourself. You'd be surprised by what you may find!

Need inspo? Email me at Or, you can text, I'M READY to (443) 826-9646. Cheering for your writing success always!

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