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Updated: Sep 21, 2022

Let’s face it. Most times, research is a must! You can’t always avoid it.

To research is to find out deeper details about a matter we are interested in. I believe that doing research is the core of any form of writing. Every writer wants to write something that is accurate and informing to an audience. However, we might struggle while embarking on this research journey. It stems from what to find out and how to go about it. Many people succumb to this pressure, but I would share with you a few tips that would be beneficial to you the next time you may decide to do some research.

Let’s be Crystal Clear…Google is my bestie.

First, you need to differentiate between research and writing in itself. Research is investigating a topic; writing is influenced by your perspective about the information you have. The first overwhelming step is usually trying to do both research and writing at the same time. I think it is more convenient to decide what you would be doing and when. Select days that you give solely to research and on other days, do nothing but write. Remember to dwell on facts. It is time-consuming to aimlessly dig through a ton of details.

Do not use research as a justification to procrastinate on writing. Often times, we are indecisive about where to do our findings and what resources to use. While you are deciding on that, begin to write your thoughts without bothering if it is relevant or not. The first draft does not have to be perfect.

Recently, I was trying to write about a doctor. I had to so research on their schooling, duties and responsibilities for the type of doctor I selected for my character. It was HELL! LOL My coach was like, “Sis, what is this?”

Research and writing complement one another. You need to research to write accurately, and you have to write to know what to research about. Do not overthink the process. I hope you find these tips helpful, and you can go ahead to enjoy writing.


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