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Updated: Sep 21, 2022

Ever read a piece of writing and immediately knew who the author of the piece was?

That is because they have implemented a writing style that is original to them alone. They give authority to their point of view in such a way that the readers are not able to miss it.

Your writer’s voice is your tool for giving life to the writing. You want your readers to be able to paint the right pictures, think the right thoughts and feel a certain emotion through your writing.

Your writer’s voice is how you teach your audience how to react to your piece. How you write conveys your attitude, personality, and character. This is supposed to be distinctive such that it is possible to identify who the author is by merely reading a section of their book. You will not achieve this as a writer by choosing to copy other writers’ style of writing.

Your tone, choice of words and even punctuation make up your writer’s voice. Moreover, developing a voice demands that you know yourself well enough to reveal that self in your writing.

Do not be afraid to show your mistakes. Your audience will not appreciate an overly perfect piece of writing. Remember what I always say: DONE IS BETTER THAT PERFECT!

And your voice matures if you edit less as you write. Whenever you edit your first draft as you write, you may disrupt the flow of ideas to your writing. You may also attempt to write the way you talk.

Claiming and sharing your voice will challenge you a lot but think about the benefits of connecting to your readers on a deeper level and the satisfaction of a more authentic process of writing.

Ya feel me? Hahahahhahahahahha I definitely add me in my writing.

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