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How To Market Your Book On Social Media

The key to marketing your book on social media is getting on the right platforms, using them strategically, and not biting off more than you can chew. For instance, a blog is a fantastic way to engage with your readers. You can even blog your book in fits and spurts and let your readers tag along for a behind-the-scenes journey from idea to publication. Start with a blogging tempo you can keep up with. It’s better to start slow and increase the frequency of your posts later, than to start with a frequency it will be impossible for you to maintain. Also, use the right keywords and keyword phrases to build search engine optimization and bring the right people to your blog and all your social media channels.

Twitter is an absolute must-have for self-published writers. Of all the social media platforms, it has the lowest barrier of entry and makes the most use of hashtags. Those features make it easy to connect with the right influencers in your genre and the perfect segments of your ideal reader.

Facebook has a broad reach and makes it easy to share your business page, invite friends, family, readers, and colleagues to your events, and build an audience. It’s one of the best social media platforms for hosting contests and running polls.

LinkedIn is a platform for professionals making it ideal for self-published non-fiction authors. You’ll reach many of the people who need how-to, self-help, and here’s-how-I-did-it books. If you’re a fiction writer, you’ll also reach teachers, librarians, mentors, and other people who are interested in children’s books, YA fiction, family drama, romance novels, mysteries, urban lit, etc.

SnapChat is, of course, the place to be if you market anything – including books – to the 18-34 year-old crowd. Those short bursts of self-destructing video are where that action is with that demographic. Run flash sales and get-‘em-while-they-last specials young adults will clamor for.

Instagram is an ideal way to promote your book, blog, and other social media outlets. Don’t sleep on this one. Use it to connect with the right people and promote your book via its cover and yourself as an expert.

While it’s an overlooked social media platform by many writers, Amazon is just that. I know. I know. It’s a purchasing site. But – it’s the most popular book selling site in the world and it has a whole entire platform just for writers. Make sure to get yourself an Amazon Author Page. It’s not the page you use when you purchase. It’s essentially a one-page website where you house all your books and point readers to all your social media sites. An absolute must-have!

The key to choosing the right social media platforms is to know your ideal reader and know where they hang out online. After all, the key to sales is not positioning yourself on the social media sites you like, it’s being present on the social media sites your buyers like. It’s also important that you create a cohesive profile across all the platforms you use. Start by using the same picture to help readers become familiar with your author brand. Then make sure your information matches on all your platforms.

Social media is here to stay and should be part of every smart author’s marketing arsenal. It’s one of the best ways to engage with your target market and get them to purchase and review your book. It’s also a very strategic way to build a buzz for your upcoming work.

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