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How To Think Outside Of The Box And Sell More Books

Are you looking for ways to sell more books? Are you looking for ways to grab and keep the attention of your ideal reader? Are you looking for ways to make your book stand out in a crowded marketplace? Of course, you are. Thinking outside the box can help you accomplish all those tasks while you generate new marketing tactics, create new sales avenues, and help increase your profits.

The first step to thinking outside the box is to use controversy to your advantage. If you’ve written a book on a topic that’s trending on the news right now, use that to your advantage. Start following HARO (Help A Reporter Out). Sign up on their website and you’ll receive daily emails on a variety of topics reporters are looking for. They need books and experts to interview. It’s a fantastic way to go where the action is and increase sales of your book.

Think outside the box by joining the speaking circuit. No matter what topic your book is on or what genre it’s written in, there are people who want to hear you speak on that topic. Look for small business groups who host monthly meetings. They are almost always looking for speakers and can put you right in front of your target market. Most, if not all, will usually allow you to set up a small display in order to sell and sign books after you make your presentation.

One of the most overlooked ways to sell books is through referral marketing. Think of creative ways to get the readers who’ve already purchased your book, joined your mailing list, or visited your website, to help you market your books. There was something in your original marketing efforts that struck the purchasing chord in them. They can leverage that same thing to help promote your book to their friends, family, and colleagues. Offer them a reward for the most social media mentions or a social media shout out for a book review you can use on your website.

One more outside the box book selling tactic – join or create a book club and make sure your book is in the lineup. Not only does this let you sell more books, it can give you an idea for your next book and the one after that.

Another outside the box marketing strategy is to brainstorm brick and mortar places other than the local bookstore where you can sell your book. A fitness author can sell at gyms, health food stores, and vitamin shops. A children’s book author can sell at pediatrician’s offices, school fairs, and toy stores. A cookbook author can sell at kitchenware stores, and specialty grocery stores. Think outside the box and come up with three to five retail locations where you can display and sell your book.

Finally, think outside the box by not selling your book at all. That’s right – instead, concentrate your efforts on enlisting people to sell for you. Create an army of salesmen for your book by offering a commission-based sales position, a cause-related marketing strategy, a social media selling contest, or a reward for the most referrals that lead to sales. What other tactics can you come up with that will help you get those books flying off the shelves? Put your creative hat on, create a list of unusual sales tactics, get to work creating a steady stream of sales that can support you while you work on creating your next book.

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Cheering for your writing success always!


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