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Updated: Sep 21, 2022

Let’s talk about tips!

I know I’m saying this is for beginners. But trust me, I often need tips myself. I struggle at times too!

As a writer, you are bound to face some obstacles. Questioning your worth or wondering if you are creative enough to be successful are just a few of the pitfalls a novice writer is bound to grapple with. I, like you, have also had many sleepless nights considering my life's choices.

Here are a few things that helped me overcome them.

1. Don't Tell Your Audience - Show Them: This is a lesson on creative writing. If you can be descriptive, you can hold your reader's attention.

2. Pay Attention to Grammar: Nothing is worse (for a reader or an editor) than terrible grammar!

3. Plan Ahead: Using an outline for your work will keep you organized as you write.

4. Allow Trusted Individuals to Proofread: Allowing others to preview your work can significantly decrease your editing time in the future.

5. Read Your Work Aloud: Trust me on this! Your writing sounds much different in your head.

6. Remove the Boring Stuff: If you don't feel engaged enough to finish reading it, neither will your audience - get rid of it!

7. Avoid Redundancy: While word count is important, it's even more important to remove redundant words and phrases. They can be confusing for the reader.

8. Let Your Writing Breathe: Nothing says you can't stop for a moment, take a break and come back to it!

9. Choose Your Words Carefully: Part of the art of writing is to know when to use elegant words and when to stick to the point.

10. Have a Life Outside Writing: As much as writing may be a passion, if it is your career it is still a career. Like any other career, you have to allow yourself free time too!

Wanna talk about it? Email me at Or, book a quick chat at Cheering for your writing success always!

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