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Tips to hone your craft!

Hey, it’s Crystal. If you’re anything like me, you LOVE all things word-related. From reading to writing, I love the way words come together to tell a story, build a business, and even change a life. Think about it – words are the driving force behind everything we see, say, and do. That’s because words tell us what to buy, where to be, how to describe people, places, and things, and what to call people.

That’s right! Even your name is a word. Proof positive that whether you’re a writer or not, words help you do everything from constructing the perfect email to sharing a family recipe. You use written or verbal words to tell the story of your life. You use words to describe colors and emotion. Businesses use words to persuade you to purchase from them. And, no matter what technological advances come along, words simply evolve alongside them.

Here are some things you should be doing daily to hone your craft.


Whether you’re starting a new book, restarting from a rough draft, putting writer’s block in its place, or writing a script for a new play, pick up a pen and start putting words on paper. You have a story to tell and your ideal reader is waiting on you to deliver.


Pick up your favorite author, a newbie who needs reviews, or a long forgotten favorite and start reading. Reading the musings of other authors can inspire your own writing in amazing ways. If you’re also a playwright, like I am, grab a script from a fellow stage-hound, and read, read, read.


I’m constantly amazed by the number of people who don’t love books as much as I do. In the pages of a book, you can go anywhere, do anything, be anyone, and learn anything. Find two friends today – one who’s a fellow bibliophile, and one who needs encouragement to read – and share a favorite book with them. You’ll make both of their days.

Today is a good day to brush off a stage play, novel, or poetry collection you’d previously placed on the back burner, or grab a book and escape into its pages. See that comments section below? Use it to tell me what you are doing today to move your writing career forward. You might have exactly the writing inspiration a fellow author needs.

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