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Two Kinds of Elevator Pitches That Can Help You Sell More Books

Writer’s are creative people with a story inside them that they must share with the world. While writers can put pen to paper and use words to tell a story, sometimes we struggle with telling the story of marketing our book. Developing an elevator pitch is critical to the success of marketing your book, though. An elevator pitch is a brief explanation of your book – one you could share in the time it takes to ride on an elevator. Check out these two types of elevator pitches you’ll want to develop and commit to memory as soon as possible.

For the purpose of this blog, let’s say you’ve written a fiction novel based on the trials and tribulations of an African-American church facing a major crisis of faith and trust.

Story-Based Elevator Pitch

What would do if you found out the head of the Elder Board was pilfering money from your church and setting up a paper trail that would incriminate the Pastor? You’re the only one who knows the truth…but the Elder knows your well-hidden secret, too. Find out what Louis did in Selah and Amen. You’ll never look at church the same way, again.

Character-Based Elevator Pitch

Have you ever been accused of something and fought to clear your name? What if the evidence against you was so compelling it came close to challenging even your own beliefs? What if you’re the people you thought would always have your back, your own wife and children, started to turn against you because of all that damning evidence? What would you do? Find out what Louis does and how much it cost him to fight for the truth.

Aim for a 30-second to one-minute long spiel that asks a question and ends on a cliffhanger. Your elevator pitch will help you gain readership, get into book-related events, and create a successful book launch.

If you need my help with your elevator pitch, email me at Or, you can text, I'M READY to (443) 826-9646. Cheering for your writing success always!


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