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Updated: Sep 20, 2022

Writing prompts are most familiar to writers who are easily overwhelmed by their creative process or who want to learn the habit of writing. Prompts can be anything from an adventure to a regular part of your writing routine. Using writing prompts do not make you any less of a writer. It is rather a good way to set the ball rolling without sweating it.

There are several writing prompts on the net, however, I advise that you employ flexibility when using a prompt. It must not be strictly as the prompt points out. You may challenge yourself to write from another perspective of the prompt in such a way that you are not caged by the prompt itself. One thing I can’t be is CAGED honey!

One of the best ways to becoming a better writer is to be patient with yourself. While using a prompt, it is very easy to feel tensed, but do not give in to the first idea that comes to mind. The reason being is because the first ideas tend to be the most obvious fact about the prompt and that is not how to be creative. I recommend spending at least 20 minutes thinking about a prompt before writing your first draft.

Write by hand when reacting to a writing prompt. I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEE writing by hand. I am a very OLD SCHOOL. Research shows that you are most connected to your brain and even faster when you write by hand on a paper than when you are typing. This way, you do not have to face any distractions. Nonetheless, if you are comfortable with typing, then go for it!

As a plus, you do not have to be stuck with one prompt. Try a new prompt if the one you are using is not working for you.

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